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Our Philosophy

1.   Our purpose is the advancement of citizenship, community development, lifelong learning.


2.   We will offer a variety of facilities, classes and activities to all members of the community regardless of circumstances and age. Classes and activities should address the wishes of the community. 


3.   RCCA is a non-profit organisation in as much as we will not measure the success of a class or activity by income generated. Classes do not necessarily need to 'break-even'.  Classes that are of minority interest or contain a large number of concession members can be subsidised by popular classes so long as these classes are clearly affordable.


4.  RCCA Management meetings should be held monthly. Any RCCA member may attend as an observer.


5.   All income and expenditure must be properly accounted for and audited. Up-to-date  accounts should be available for the monthly Management Meeting. The accounts can be inspected by any member of the RCCA or individual approved by the Management Committee.


6.   We should actively foster links with local schools and libraries. We need to work with other organisations in Aberdeen including outreach and street work using our development workers and community teams.


7.   We should aim to become a one stop shop for the community.  Rosemount Centre should have something for everyone: events, workshops, classes and be a place to meet and socialize.


8.   While we have and will continue to encourage volunteers to assist in the running of classes or the centre, it is recognised that the RCCA cannot be run purely by volunteers and that we have to employ individuals to help with the day-to-day running of the organisation. It is assumed that this may, in the future, require a full-time and permanent manager.


9.   Funds surplus to immediate requirements should be invested in low-risk accounts giving reasonable speed of access.


10.  Employees of the RCCA may be required to produce monthly up-date reports and attend Management meetings.


11.   RCCA may make appropriate donations to organisations falling within the Association's objectives. 'Appropriate' in this sense means sitting within our guiding principles.


12.  It is understood that the above Principles are a guide, and can be revised or amended in the light of changes in the organisation or the needs and wishes of the community. Changes would have to be agreed at an RCCA Annual General Meeting.

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